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 Are digital photo frames a thing of the past? Well D2M (Design to Matter) has re-invented the digital photo frame by having your Instagram feed displayed on its 600×600 LCD touch panel photo frame.

2 years ago D2M launched their Kickstarter campaign, achieving nearly triple the amount. They ran into numerous problems which delayed the Instacube for over 1 year. Many questions got thrown around on what happened to all the money they got from their backers, D2M say they underestimated the cost of the Instacube so it lead to different manufactures and needing investors to finish the project. Initially only wanting $250,00, D2M reached their goal in a matter of days and went out to close the campaign at $621,049.

A lot of backers are still waiting for there Instacubes, which you can imagine the frustration from the people that backed the project. Some even going as far to take D2M to court.  The one thing I hate which really ticked me off was that D2M sent units first to retail outlets. Maybe they forgot that the Instacube only exists because of their backers. Then again you as a backer have no control how they distribute their product as you are not an investor. This is a whole other topic regarding Kickstarter and backers.

The Instacube is a digital photoframe for your instagram feed. 2 years ago this was reinventing the digital photo frame. Now you barely see them in shops, is the Instacube a gimmick? Especially that every second person owns a mobile or tablet which gives you instant access to Instagram.

The one thing I do like though is having your Instagram feed right in front of you. Seeing moments of your friends and family lives appear as it happens. A nice feature is the “Like” button which is shaped as a love heart. If I see a photo that I like I can quickly like it by tapping the love heart button.

One thing I did leave out in my video review was that the Instacube has built in speakers for playing videos. At this moment I have yet to see this work and it has been told this would work in a future update.

The Instacube is a novelty product. It’s great if you want to display your Instagram feed on a small display, but It’s not going to change your life however.

There is always two side to a story, check out this article on about the darker side of the Instacube –

Check out my video review as I go more into detail about the features of the Instacube. 🙂

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