Samurai Warriors 4 | Review

It’s been a while since we have seen a new Samurai Warriors title for the PlayStation platform. The hack and slash game by Tecmo Koei, and sequel to Samurai Warriors 3 is back with Samurai Warriors 4. 

Set between the 15th and 17th century, you find yourself fighting for Japan in some great compelling battles. The game features a character-switch feature which allows players to take control of two characters, similar to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. With up to 55 characters to choose from, you will be able to take  each one across 13 long chapters into battle.

With each mission and as you progress you get to watch great cinematic cut scenes. The cut scenes are pretty flashy and  they give you enough to follow the story and try to make out what the hell is going on. All the voices are in Japanese with English subtitles, which I really liked. I’ve played too many horrible dubbed games and to see this in it’s original form was a breath of fresh air.

The square button is your friend. It doesn’t take too much skill to learn the controls but it does help to learn some of the combo moves.  Two new moves to the game is  “Hyper Attack” and “Rage Mode”. Hyper Attack allows players to clear surrounding enemies with ease. However enemy officers will deflect this as they are slightly a bit more smarter than your enemy foot soldier.  Rage mode will enhance players attacks as well as empowering their Musou attack by using the Spirit Gauge which I found useful recharging after a wave of soldiers.

Each player has there own special attacks and signature moves. This keeps the gameplay fun and fast, especially for hack and slash games.

As this is a co-op game I found it a lot more fun to play with friends than alone. I think this has something to do with the missions structure. Here’s a tip, just follow the arrows and anything flashing on the map kill it.  Playing with friends was heaps of fun. Your either taking a section of the map on your own or working together to take down bosses and clear a way taking down one boss at a time. This could get a bit repetitive and you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Graphics and animations take a notable hit as well with enemy character models popping on screen which  took you away from the large scale battle that you were fighting.

This is where the Chronicles mode takes away the repetition and offers a more engaging story to follow. You start of by creating your own character with a fair amount of customisation and styles to choose from.

Starting out at the bottom as a foot soldier serving a lord from a faction you choose from. As you travel around Japan and rise through the ranks with your victories, you soon will be able to control your own personal army.

As you progress through you are given choices which branches out your story by your decisions to either accept or decline missions.  Also not every battle is a huge scaled war like the main story, some may vary to small skirmishes. With the addition off levelling your character you are able to also upgrade your amour, weapons and combos as well.

Fans of Tecmo Koei will enjoy Samurai Warriors 4 as it offers many of the same features of previous titles and sister franchise Dynasty Warriors. Visually Samurai Warriors 4 looks amazing but you can’t help feel how much more it could of been if it wasn’t cross platform. The cut scenes are something to remember and general Samurai Warriors 4  is just a fun game to play.

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