Falling Fred App Review

Hey Its Ritchie Plunkett and im here again to share with you another iphone, ipod touch and ipad review.

This time its Falling Fred. Help Fred avoid near death by dogging obstacles and limp damage when possible but most important is to keep his head attached or its the end of the line for fred.
But don’t worry fred lives and is at it again trying to beat where he went wrong.

The game works by tilting the controls used to push and pull fred around while he drops to his death. The controls are designed really well, so you want be smashing every obstacle which comes your way.

There is no real goal to the game beside Fred Falling to his death but achievements are given for you to complete.

The graphics are ok for the game if you just look at the background nothing special but what makes it so great is the work behind the game. Such as the barrel rolls blood splatters, spikes and fire flames. Its really the small things which makes it amazing.

Once you hit the ground and blow up into a million pieces a replay system has been implemented into the game which you can share with friends across Facebook and Twitter and also on the Dedalords website.

Like Tiny Wings, Falling fred is a simple yet sophisticated game which offers hours of game play or just a simple time waster.

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