Tiny Wings: iPhone review

Hi I’m Ritchie Plunkett and I’m here to share with you Tiny Wings for the iPhone&iPod touch.

So lets get into this. Tiny wings consist of one single tap to control the flightless bird who dreams to fly one day. The bird,which we will call flappy lives amongst a series of hills that provides the ramps for him to gain speed and momentum to fly. With the tap of the screen the bird turns into a dive towards the hills and with the right timing you will get a smooth landing. With the wrong timing you will be slowed and would have to gain momentum once again. You collect coins along your way which I like to think of little rays of light which keeps the sun from setting and you flying.

The Environment of the tiny wings and is really impressive giving a vibrant more colourful landscape than one of my other favourite games Canabalt. Every days that passes by or level a new landscape is given so your not bored of looking at the same screen after playing hours end.

Once the sun starts settings which can be found in the bottom left indicator you know you better get you game up. if you fail and night comes along the bird will fall asleep ending the game.

It takes a while to master the game but once you got the hang of it you will be gliding on forever and never see the darkness again.

One thing this games has if you have notice is repetition and to beat this so the player doesn’t fall asleep before the bird. A group of challenges are given to complete. Like all other game styles like Tiny wings you keep coming back to beat your old score. Its something to pull out while your waiting in line or on the bus or train.

One thing the games lacks is the integration of game centre to share scores so you can compare with friends and other. But I’m sure this will come in future updates.

Be sure to check Tiny wings in the app store and maybe one day you can fly.

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