An In Dept Look At The New Plantronics’ RIG Gaming Headset

Plantronics today revealed its brand new gaming headset, the RIG. We took a sneak speak of the RIG headset at PAXAUS 2013 and man or man its not like any other gaming headset or the market.

The RIG gaming headset is designed to be able to mix in-game audio with your phone while taking calls, playing music  and still being able to be immersed in your game. The great thing about the RIG which no other headset on the market has done, is make it wearable with everyday use.

Plantronics is set to release the RIG in Australia around October this year. The RIG will set you back around AU$150, but their is no set price yet for Australia. In the US, it will be US$129.

Check our in interview with the guys from Plantronics with a in dept look look at the new RIG Gaming Headset.


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