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The last time I had my hands on one of Wargaming games was World of War Planes. Now, I don’t know if I just sucked or if every player was a qualified veteran fighter pilot but I enjoyed the scenery for the most of it.  The one thing which always draws me to Wargaming and amazes me is the dedication to not only give players the best experience of battle but to make it as realistic as possible, right down to the rust on their vehicles.

Get ready to take it to the sea with World Of Warships.  Thanks to Max Chuvalov (Product Marketing Manager) and Sergey Vorobyev (Deputy Director of Development) we got the chance to check out World Of Warships for the first time. So far the game is in alpha, with talks of going to beta sometime next year.

The game takes players away from the battlefield and brings it to the sea. If I had to describe WoWS I would say it’s like playing chess. As much as I wanted to take my battleship into war, the game needs patience and smart thinking.

WoWSWarships are a lot bigger than a tank, so you can imagine the scale of the ships and maps. Over 250 Square Kilometres to be exact. The main fundamentals of the game is still very much the same but works like rock, paper, scissors.

We jumped into a live match half way through, but I was told depending on the player skill a match could run from 15 to 20-minutes.  Some players might find this a bit quick for massive warship naval battles, but for a game it was plenty of time to go to war.

Taking to the sea the only cover you have is basically little islands, this still leaves you wide open for air strikes from Airplane carriers. Now you can navigate these warships manually but only a noob would do that, I’m that noob. It was fun though controlling a massive warship before I got attacked. A veteran player though would be smart and plan his/hers movements and attacks, also setting out set courses for their ship to follow.

The weapon system works like a real warship, even though this is a game warships will need to be on its side to use specific weapons where others front on. As you cycle through different weapons you will see how different each weapon is. Either they will leave you immobile and vulnerable while your warship reloads or a quick burst to scare off other warships. The scariest time was watching missiles head in your direction and trying to either move your Warship in time or just take the hit and the chase begins.

At times I felt like a captain ready to command his ships into battle, thinking, watching and learning his enemies’ movements. World of Warships really immerses you into the Wargaming experience. We haven’t seen many great Naval games in the past, but Wargaming has taken this challenge and so far they have done a bloody good job of it.


It’s still early days for World of Warships, but I can see fans of the franchise going crazy for this tittle. I know I am.

World of Warships is set for beta next year (2015)


You sunk your battle ship


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